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unleashing potential
one team, one program, and one person at a time


Leadership Program Design

I partner with teams and companies to develop custom programs and workshops focused on leadership development. 


I am a strong believer in creating relevant programs tailored to the needs of companies and participants so there can be meaningful learning and behavior change.

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Program Facilitation

I offer facilitation services for leadership programs.  My facilitation style is a combination of fostering a safe, inclusive space for program participants where all feel welcome to contribute and ask questions - and also bringing a clear focus that ensures we cover the most important content that is relevant and key for program participants.

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Leadership Coaching

When I coach leaders, I work with them to live and lead to their full potential. I specifically support leaders in identifying and working towards ways they can be more fulfilled in life and work, as well as developing and solidifying their leadership approaches based on their authentic selves so they can better empower their teams. 

I can also help leaders improve specific leadership skills: conducting hard conversations, improving interpersonal skills, creating and maintaining a solid team culture, and more.


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I am a leadership development professional and certified professional coach (PCC) excited to help you and your teams unleash your potential.  My wide range of industry experience allows me to connect with a wide range of clients and offer helpful perspectives as we work together.  I am able to effectively support leaders through 1:1 tailored coaching sessions.  I'm also able to support teams and larger groups through bespoke leadership development program design and impactful program facilitation.


As I mentioned, I have a wide range of industry experience that serves my clients well.  I graduated from Stanford University with honors and distinction. I was previously an analyst at Merrill Lynch, a management consultant at Bain & Company, a Learning & Development Lead at Dropbox in Silicon Valley, and a Leadership Development Lead at SpaceX. I most recently was Head of Leadership Development at Netflix, supporting managers and employees in enhancing their leadership and people skills to increase their impact. 


Here are some fun facts about me:​

  • I have three bengal cats, and one day I also would love to have a dog (or two).

  • One of my favorite places in the world to visit is Japan - I studied abroad and worked there for 6 months.

  • I love video gaming.

  • I was accepted to music conservatories as a flutist, though I ended up deciding to focus on other career paths.


You can find my contact information below. Let’s connect and talk about how I can
help you and your teams.


Interested in working together?  You can email me or fill out the form below.

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